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In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, your success is our priority. Our customised training programmes and coaching services are designed to address your specific challenges.

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What we do

We engage, entertain, and educate your customer-facing teams, equipping them to become skilled communicators, revitalising your sales culture.

Begin the conversation with us today and join us on a journey towards achieving sales excellence and remarkable growth together. Let’s turn your vision into Reality.

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How we work with you...

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Diagnosis & consultancy

Share your challenges and goals. We'll assess your customer experience firsthand and uncover issues damaging your business. Then, we'll design the best training content to address them.

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Design & delivery

We’ll create a dynamic, custom training programme for you, incorporating real-world scenarios. Our two-trainer events breathe life into the content, inspiring your team to elevate their skills and capabilities.

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Landing & embedding change

Your project will feature continuous support with team leader and manager training, coaching, leadership, and access to training materials. Our partnership is the driving force behind improving your sales culture.

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Latest insights...

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Empowering Your Teams – Free Up Time & Focus on Valuable Work


In today's competitive business environment, empowering teams is more than a trend; it's a necessity, especially in high-stakes areas like contact centres.

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Contact Centre Focus - Empowering Your Teams – Free Up Time & Focus on Valuable Work

Podcast Episode

Are you constantly the go-to problem solver in your contact centre?

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Bob & Jeremy's Conflab - B2B Buying & Selling in a Hybrid Work World

Podcast Episode

How do you get through to a company's decision-maker in the age of remote work?

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Selling More: Is It Down to Behavioural Science or Just BS?


Some will claim that in the world of sales, staying ahead of the curve requires more than just traditional techniques; they say it demands an understanding of human behaviour and psychology.

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Bob & Jeremy's Conflab - Selling More: Is It Down to Behavioural Science or Just BS?

Podcast Episode

What makes a sales strategy irresistible? This episode promises to change your approach to sales and sales training through the lens of behavioural science.

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Contact Centres - Stop Using Manager Controlled Offers!


In your contact centre, the negotiation process with customers should be a professional and finely choreographed verbal dance!

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Contact Centre Focus - Stop Using Manager Controlled Offers!

Podcast Episode

How often do you have to ask a manager for permission to use an offer?

Jeremy talking to the camera wearing a blue shirt

Handling Objections: Part 1 - Price


Part one in a series of short videos on handling objections with Jeremy Blake.

Two businessmen talking

No Decision, No End of Meeting


The only time you should end a meeting is when you have made a decision and you commit to it!

Jeremy talking to the camera about new projects

New Project: Three Things We Do


This 2-minute video explains how we deliver our change programmes for major brands and also defines the three parts of each.

Podcast microphone and customer service headset

Checking With Your Manager – It’s Time to Stop!


In the fast-paced world of your contact centre there’s one persistent issue that keeps cropping up: the notorious "check with the manager" habit.

Visitors at The Moonwalkers immersive experience

The Moonwalkers: Lightroom, Kings Cross, London


This immersive experience presented by Tom Hanks, sits you in the middle of a thousand images that brings you as close as possible to the lunar landings (1969-1972).