Reciprocal Goodwill

By Bob Morrell on October 24, 2019

This week has been brilliant. I am approaching a significant birthday and certainly enjoying the lead up!

During the week several people have really made me smile. One was a flight attendant - Andre. He was just amazing, direct, communicative, cheerful and commanding. He coped with an emergency situation with total composure, worked calmly and explained what was happening with clarity and positivity. It was great to see someone treat their job with 100% professionalism.

The next was a cab driver who was funny, committed and realistic - he definitely earned his tip. The final person, the bar tender who served me a pint with a heart shape on top. As I picked it up she smiled at me, I laughed - and she did too!

I didn't labour under the apprehension that the heart was meant for me - she wanted to make me smile - and she did. For a moment we both realised that life is what you make of it. You can serve pints all day and not make anyone's day - or you can decide too.

I have had a positive week and am enjoying that feeling - how can I make sure I feel like this every week? I need to try and make other people's days, and maybe, what goes around comes around.