Show Me a Leader, The Shift Leaders Must Make

By Jeremy Blake on February 11, 2020

Leaders and managers need to spend less time focusing on the result, the output of their team’s efforts.

Talking about results, good, bad, hit or missed, doesn’t change them, whether you talk about them in a big open way, or get out a microscope to look at the exact percentage close up.

Leaders only enjoy a new consistency when they spend more time on the how you get results. That means developing the best process and method to use with your customers and each other.

The final thing that great leaders and managers spend their time doing is recognizing how it is personality, character traits and habits that drives the way people wake up, turn up and operate.

I think you’ll be pleased to know, if you haven’t guessed it: focusing on the characters that lead your teams and individuals, leads to a better refinement of the method, which drives better results.

Whilst this is easy to write in a few paragraphs, it is likely to take you a lot more than five minutes or five months to master, maybe even five years to change a culture, but the time to change your approach is right now.