Targeting and Forecasting

By Bob Morrell on April 2, 2020

Eleven years ago, we spoke at a conference where we pointed out that targeting was the wrong way to manage and motivate people and Managers should spend their valuable times on other tasks. At the time, we were labelled as quite revolutionary or even rebellious by some of the audience.

Our argument was simple, there is no way to set a target. Every target, ever set, is ultimately an educated guess. Plus, many senior people are paid vast sums to work out figures which will always be wrong, sometimes spending weeks every year, working on them.

Right now, look at the last set of targets or forecasts your business made. How are they looking? How much time did your business spend on them? Are you really, when this is all over, going to go back to that traditional way of working? Or are you going to create a more motivational way of working that abandons targets and concentrates on your team’s capabilities?

When this is over, flexible working will be the norm, meetings and sales conversations will take place over the internet, face to face, and how much time you spend working out what may or may not happen in the future will be wasted effort.

We are all appraising where we are and realizing that a lot of what we thought was valuable a few weeks ago, is suddenly worthless. Let’s rebuild our businesses based on maximising our time instead of wasting it.