Thanks for the Memory, The Value of a Specific Thank You

By Jeremy Blake on February 11, 2020

I still have the thank you letter that mattered the most to me during my time at Yellow Pages.

It was from the HR director for a firm that sold and hired plant machinery.  It wasn’t a throw away “thanks for all your time” it was a very specific letter. The woman mentioned my patience and my tone in handling her concerns.

I keep it in a folder and when I want to go to the happy archives of my sales career, I am always delighted to read it.

You can change your thank yous too!  The next time you want to say thank you to someone for their effort, ideas or kindness, take the opportunity to be very specific on how they have made an impact on you.

Any embarrassment or increased focus you feel as you elaborate on why and how you are grateful is worth going through for the lasting impact you will make on them.

If you pardon the pun, they’ll thank you for it.