Tips for Effective Home Working

By Bob Morrell on March 19, 2020

Travel is an industry that is ahead of others when it comes to homeworking. Other companies are having to attempt homeworking for the first time and it’s not easy.

Some managers who see their teams every day will find it harder to manage when they can’t see their people. Micro-managers will need to understand that if your colleague doesn’t pick up when you call they may be a) dealing with a customer b) dealing with their own family, c) somewhere else in their home – and you must exercise a degree of understanding about this.

For those setting up for the first time these are my top tips

  1. Chair and Position: if you’re going to be sitting for long period then try and get a decent chair that’s comfortable. I have borrowed one of my son’s gaming chair, and it’s much better than a dining chair! Also try and raise the level of your laptop/PC screen so you are not bent over looking at it.
  2. Time: Make sure you have proper breaks and get fresh air whenever you can. Try not to be too distracted by biscuits, TV, booze or cigarettes!
  3. Technology: If your BB is slow try and improve it, if you’re using web-based meeting software like Skype or Zoom make sure your laptop has the necessary updates to use them effectively. If you’re using your mobile a lot then use headphones. Back-up your hard disk to a remote memory block to make sure you don’t lose stuff you need to store.
  4. Telephone: Now is the time to re-introduce yourself to your landline. Conversations will be vital in the coming months.
  5. Daily Routines – this will be different and hard to get right for a while. Try to find a routine that works for the whole household.

You can find supportive videos at Reality Training’s Facebook page and travel business owners and managers may like to download the new Ebook ‘The Perfect Storm – 30 Ways to Drive Your Business.’ – available on Kindle. This book contains many important strategies for working through difficult times.