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Leadership & management

Leader & manager as coach

The most critical skill for your managers and leaders is coaching. Coaching empowers you to achieve high performance, fosters engagement, and encourages reflection and self-development. Your middle managers and team leaders are especially responsible for coaching in behavioural changes in their teams. Whether you’re developing new managers or enhancing the skills of experienced leaders, we offer a full range of coaching modules.

These are embedded with group coaching and role-play clinics where coaches can practice their skills. To create a changed, coaching culture where your organisation improves your performance across all your channels, please make contact.

Team leaders

Your frontline managers, or team leaders, are crucial to your organisation’s customer experience. Their role is to model the right behaviours they want their team to exhibit in all customer interactions, and we address the unique challenges they face, including conducting effective, inspiring sales meetings and other leadership essentials. Our complete programme includes modules on: 

  • Leadership styles

  • Priority, time & energy management

  • Delegation

  • Coaching disloyal bonding

  • Collaboration

  • Difficult conversations 

Our modules on working processes include: 

  • Goal setting

  • Improving systems & workflow

  • Managing upwards

  • Presentation skills 

Remote teams

Your remote teams and colleagues require a different skill set. We help team leaders build trust and autonomy within their remote teams, encouraging self-improvement in knowledge, skills and attitude. Your business may be national or international, with geographical issues to overcome as a remote manager. You can't always rely on technology and trust, so what techniques and skills do you need to master?

Management training experience

Over the past 20+ years, we’ve trained managers across the globe, raising their level of skills and enhancing results. 

  • Embedding behavioural change through coaching

  • Creating a coaching culture

  • Sales management & commercial delivery

  • Managing change & performance

Let’s discuss your goals and help you achieve meaningful change in your organisation.



“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” 

Peter Drucker