What we do

Sales Training & 

Customer Service

Sales Training

Your buyers today may resist traditional sales methods, making it essential for your salespeople to adopt the right sales skills. We’ve identified key sales principles, adapting them to various sales channels and customer interactions in clear sales models.

We create tailored models to guide sales conversations – SALES, BEACH, SEEN, BOND, SPACES, BAITS, SIREN, PROTECT & WIN, RESEEN, SPEED, 5 GEARS, RENEW, COVER – ensuring exceptional service for each customer, giving you consistency across channels and maximising brand opportunities.

These are delivered through two-trainer events that motivate, entertain, and bring the sales language and key skills to life, inspiring curiosity and change.

If your sales team has stagnated and needs to break free from outdated skills or have habits that need to change, we deliver a consistent approach to help them adapt and innovate.

Share your sales challenges and opportunities with us and we can begin work on your new sales model.

Customer Service

In your organisation, each person plays a role in customer service, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Do your customers feel appreciated when engaging with your brand? 

Effective customer service is rooted in tone, language, attentiveness, listening to both spoken and unspoken cues, and a deep understanding of customer needs. 

Elevating your customer service skills is a worthy aim, as it not only helps attract new customers, but also significantly improves your customer retention rates. 

Service is Sales

Do you sell on price or value? 

If your business relies on discount-based offerings, you may be underselling your true potential. We create service models that effectively communicate value and enhance the overall customer experience, enabling your team to boost your profitability through personalising buying decisions for each customer. 

Take a moment to reflect on your own loyalty to professional services or consumer businesses. Can you point to specific providers you trust for particular services? If you have a limited number of trusted providers, you’ll see the challenge all businesses face in maintaining customer loyalty.

For customer acquisition, retention, complaints, resolve and sell, drop-out, win-back, and team leader and manager development, please get in touch.

Media Sales Training

Our expertise in advertising sales has led to the development of a comprehensive approach to media sales training, designed to benefit a wide range of media professionals. These include digital media sales, portfolio selling, and exhibition sales. 

These programmes are tailored to help improve your sales teams and managers, giving them the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving media industry.

Don’t miss out on our book, The Death of Late Space: Your Guide to Success in Media Sales, a valuable resource for excelling in media sales.